Hot Air Balloon Fact Wrapping Paper

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eVincE presents gift papers with a PURPOSE. Share interesting informations and facts along with the process of gifting. Papers with information can be reused in several ways other than repacking. Lets be thoughtful in gifting. Hot air balloons were invented in France. They are just a fabric bag filled with hot air which would cause it to rise. Suspended beneath is a gondola or wicker in which people are accommodated. The Albuquerque Balloon fiesta held every year in October is a sight to behold. Know such interesting facts and much more from this brilliantly coloured vibrant gift wrapping fact sheet on balloons.


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Everyone ! Everyone who loves to share informations !!


Its informative and its lot of fun to read on your gift. Plus a tree smiles when it became useful to you


Paper itself is a gift along with a gift wrapped within ! Plus size variation for variety of gifts to minimize wastage.


Please contact us in case of issue with product. If you change your mind, we will refund full amount minus Courier and COD charges. In case of COD, refund will be via bank transfer or PayTm.


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